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How To Customise Your Inflatable Structure In 4 Simple Steps

Customising your inflatable doesn’t stop at what it looks like on the outside, there are numerous ways you can make your inflatable your own through adding features, furniture or even making it glow in the dark!

The expert team at Megaflatables can help you do exactly that, and with years upon years of experience between us, we can turn your dream inflatable into a reality in just a few days. Learn more about customising your Inflatable Structure, below!

Setting A Theme

In order to successfully customise your inflatable structure, you first need to decide on setting a theme for your event or set up. This will help you to determine what you need when it comes to choosing all the bits and bobs that make an event your own. From glowing objects that will help to capture passers-by’s attention, to activities that can benefit both corporate and consumer-facing events, setting a theme can turn your event or inflatable into an interactive masterpiece everyone will love!

Glow Baby Glow

Once you have set a theme for your event, you can begin to consider the different ways you can customise your inflatable structure. Glow Inflatables are just one type of inflatable that we offer here at Megaflatables, providing your standard inflatable with a creative edge that can help to capture your audience’s attention in the daytime and throughout the evening. They’re also perfect for low lit events, adding even more dimension to a standard inflatable set up.

What’s more, glowing inflatables are great when it comes to taking that perfect snapshot, showing up excellently on camera and to the eye – even in low lights! It’s the ultimate way to get your brand design and message out there without having to bounce from one extreme to the other.

Funky Furniture

Whether you select an inflatable cube, building, dome, arch or something completely different, you can fulfil your event aims and objectives through hiring or purchasing furniture to encourage people to spend more time speaking to your time or exploring the services or products you have to offer. We can even create Inflatable Tunnels to invite customers to interact with your brand in a totally unique way. From welcoming players onto a pitch, to making a fun game out of the whole thing, our experts can help to create a design bespoke to you.

Fun Activities

Depending on the event you are attending, there may be room to promote fun activities inside your inflatable. Photo booths can be used at both corporate and consumer events, providing people with the chance to speak to one another and network. It’s also a great way to encourage people to spread the word about your product or service, which can then act as a party favour or souvenir.


For more information about our services and inflatable products, get in touch with a member of our expert Megaflatables team on 01245 373 427, today.

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