The UK’s #1 Manufacturer of Inflatable Air Dancers and Sky Guys

Think of air dancers or sky guys and you might remember the waving, dancing air man outside car showrooms in the eighties!


Their inflatable, retro charm is still popular today and conveniently draws the attention of passing customers at eye-level.


Outdoor advertising is less expensive, less invasive and more persuasive than television or radio advertising.

The great British public spends (on average) upwards of 20 hours a week travelling outdoors.


71% of us look at roadside messages and advertising – meaning it works.


Advertising air dancers are the perfect way to guide shoppers to your open day, brand promotion or simply just to grab attention at an event.

Your new air dancer comes with a ‘blower’ – a rotating air fan which moves the air around and creates their unique sway.


We also offer interchangeable, removable velcro panels for your air dancer to give you extra advertising options and flexibility.

Choose from custom inflatable air dancers, mini air dancers and even air dancer emojis – amongst many others – in your choice of colours and branding.


Megaflatables are the only inflatable promotion experts to manufacture a second option – our self-named Megaflatable.

These exclusive Giant inflatables are up to 20 feet tall and boast a bespoke sleeve and base. Its unique design retains the air which enables a more complex structure.

Meaning, we can make any design you can think of!


Please view our gallery for designs and ideas, and get in touch for a competitive quote.

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