Window Displays

Here at Megaflatables, we are proud to provide unique, stand out shop window displays for creative advertising campaigns. We don’t just make giant inflatables for outside use – our inflatable shop window displays are the perfect way to mark a celebration or promotion in store.

Creative Inflatable Window Displays


Inflatable shop window displays are a chance to get creative with your advertising, whilst ensuring you stay on-brand. All our products, whether they are inflatable animals, funky inflatable shapes or bespoke inflatable product replicas, can be customised to suit your aesthetic. All shop window displays can be designed to suit your brand colours and theme if you have one.


We love that inflatable shop window displays look so dramatic, attractive and eye catching but are so easy to achieve – you just have to get in touch with us. Remember, if you can think it, we can make it. Our inflatable shop window displays are the perfect way to celebrate a new season or highlight a promotion because they add dimension and extra interest to your scene. To ensure precision, our in-house team will liaise with you to ensure everything is manufactured as planned. We utilise digital printing and Pantone-specific colours to ensure everything is on-brand and cohesive.


Inflatable shop window displays are an opportunity to get creative and go large with your next promotion or message to your audience. We have worked on some fantastic special projects for shop window displays and inflatable artwork for a whole host of occasions.


Inflatables for shop window displays don’t just have to be for a single promotion or season. We love that our designs and creations can come out again and again, particularly at Christmastime when inflatable spheres or other products are used to call attention to the festive period and decorate your business. All our products are made from premium materials but can be lightweight and easily packed away for storage (or transit).

If you are looking for more inspiration or for an idea for your inflatable shop window display, you can browse our gallery. Alternatively, for a competitive quote or to discuss your ideas – we love the weird, whacky and wonderful – you can get in touch with the team here at Megaflatables, today!

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