Water Sports Inflatables

Water sports inflatables are a fantastic way of dressing your event. Inflatable Water Buoys, Inflatable barriers, inflatable water spheres, inflatable triangles, inflatables cylinders or Inflatable arches all work brilliantly on water.

Inflatable Water based Buoys are used for sporting and advertising events. Megaflatables can provide standard Inflatable Water Spheres (Buoys), and other shapes such as cylinders and triangles all made to order.


Our inflatable Water Sports inflatables can be produced in a range of base colours and sizes and are suitable for inshore lakes and marine settings.


We can also produce custom made Inflatable Buoy shapes, such as Buoy bottles, inflatable Buoy drink can, and other product packaging.


Typically the products are made from  0.50mm-0.80mm PVC sealed coated tarpaulin which make these water based inflatables a very strong air sealed inflatable.


All our water based products come with sea anchors and harnesses and an electric fan inflation system for onshore inflation.

Our Water Buoys and Inflatable Cylinders are ideal as site or distance markers in Lake or Off Shore settings, turning point markers or general demarcation of a route.


Whilst the inflatable arches are great for the start and finish for the event.

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