Inflatable Arch

An inflatable arch perfectly marks the start and finish line of races and athletics events, or simply commands the attention from visitors and passing trade. Megaflatables cater for all sizes, promotions, events and inflatable needs, including inflatable sports entrances for your team’s celebration or game. From 10ft wide, up to 30ft wide – we can design inflatable arches UK, or whatever you need!

Custom Inflatable Arches


Try our popular range of inflated fan arches or we can design your inflatable arch as an air-sealed model. Inflatable arches UK come in a range of fabrics, based on weight, weatherproofing and durability, and we can help you select the correct fabric and arch based on the style of your event. All our products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use so you can make the most out of your stand out (or blow up) advertising tool!


Megaflatables in-house design team can print artwork directly onto the sides of an inflatable arch, or we also offer a second option; removable Velcro top and side panels. This simple, cost-effective design allows you to rebrand and change your inflatable arch for future events and flexible, inflatable advertising, so you can give your annual event a different twist every time! Here at Megaflatables, we have been making inflatable arches in the UK for years and know just how popular they are for fun-runs, charity events and to show your support for local clubs and sponsored events.

Not sure whether you require a PVC or nylon inflatable arch? You fill a PVC arch with air and simply leave it to stand, whereas the nylon arch requires a fan to constantly blow air inside. In our experience (for ease of use, speed and size) we recommend the nylon inflatable arch. If you require any assistance with installation or inflation, our event crew will gladly advise and help. We are also able to provide full event management and assistance with all our products; you just have to ask. In fact, one of our team recently helped out at Global’s Make Some Noise charity event, you can check out the inflatable arch they used for inspiration.

UK Inflatable Arches Designed and Manufactured


Thinking about hosting a one-off fun run, fundraiser or event and working on a budget? Don’t worry, you can use our inflatable arch rental as your start and finish lines. These inflatable arches UK ensure your event looks professional and promotes your brand or your message loud and clear!


We have a stock of inflatable finish line arch rentals, but if you want a unique design, you can still opt for an inflatable arch, made bespoke for you. To discuss your options and work out which inflatable product suits you and your campaign best, get in touch with the team here at Megaflatables, today!

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