Inflatable Parade Floats

From giant inflatable animals, huge blow up badges to custom parade floats and parade balloon inflation – Megaflatables are the experts! We create product replicas, giant floating animals, inflatable characters and more to get your parade, music festival, carnival or event off to a flying start.

Perhaps you would like to hire a inflatable parade floats? You’re in luck as we also stock helium stadium banners, helium clouds and provide parade balloon inflation in our UK factory.

Our parade inflatables available for hire are all kept in stock at our HQ in Chelmsford in Essex.


The UK’s #1 Manufacturer of Inflatable Parade Floats 


If you have a special idea or unique design for your parade – you are in the right place. We love helping you to create the weird, wonderful, big and bold! We take your design from conception to creation and are specialists in parade inflatables, helium shapes, characters and blimps.


Megaflatables inflatable parade floats are lightweight yet durable in a variety of media, so not only are they fully customisable, they are also easy to transport and simple to pack down and put up for use again and again. Megaflatables can create a bespoke 3D inflatable shape to your exact design and spec. We offer Pantone-specific colour selection, you are sure to getting exactly what you want. With so many sizes, shapes and ideas to choose from – the world is your oyster!


Now for the science part: parade inflatables are generally larger inflatable products and often helium filled. Parade inflatables need to be large enough that the helium lifts them off the ground – usually around 6 metres in size. Sometimes due to the bespoke design of an inflatable, it may not be aerodynamic. In this instance, an inflatable sphere or blimp would be the best match. We can talk through all your requirements and ideas to discuss the best parade inflatable for you and how to go about parade balloon inflation. Not only will we manufacturer your inflatable but we can also help with installation and offer full event management to make sure everything is ‘parade’ perfect.

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