Bespoke Inflatable Shapes

We can take just about any idea and turn it into an inflatable 3D shape of any kind! From inflatable product replicas for new launches to inflatable animals and characters – whatever you want to promote your brand or business message, we’ve got you covered with our custom inflatable shapes. All our inflatable shapes are designed bespoke for you so you can let your imagination run wild and get creative with this giant, creative advertising technique.

Custom Inflatable Shapes


Our inflatable shapes can be anything you want them to be – funky ideas that simply demand the attention of passing crowds, standout, glow inflatables that light up the night and branded blow up buildings for you to host your own event inside! At Megaflatables, our custom inflatable shapes are totally bespoke. We design everything in house to ensure precision and a premium inflatable shape that you are happy with!


We can design almost any size and scale, so you can select anything from a small blow up all the way through to giant inflatable shapes. Inflatable shapes can be made in sizes from 4ft high to 50 ft wide. Megaflatables are proud to have handled the design and creation of custom inflatable shapes to some huge, household names, from musicians, festivals and even the brands you’ll find in your kitchen cupboards.

At Megaflatables, all our inflatable 3D shapes (whatever they might be) are suitable for both indoor and outside environments. This means custom inflatable shapes get more wear and more use than you might initially expect – perfect for exhibition venues, shopping centres, events, festivals and parades! You can browse just a few of our inflatable shapes on our back catalogue and the galleries available on our website. It doesn’t matter how complicated your shape is we can usually come up with the perfect product, including, design, planning, build, delivery and even event management.


For more information or to discuss your options for inflatable 3D shapes, get in touch with our professional team here at Megaflatables. We will be able to provide competitive quotes for custom inflatable shapes and work out the best options for your advertising budget!

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