Mega Guys

Mega Guys are a unique way of promoting your business, brand or event.

Standing at up to 20ft high our vast range of Megaflatables’ Mega Guys are proven to help your business by promoting and advertising it from over 500 yards away and we can produce just about any design you require.

Mega Guys Inflatable Advertising

Our inflatable man or inflatable product beacons require no planning permission, making them the easy way to advertise your product or service.


We can make your Mega Guys in your corporate colours and print it with your company logos and/or with messages of your choice. Removable and interchangeable velcro panels displaying different messages is another option.

Choose from our extensive current range, or our design team can create your own bespoke Mega Guy unique to you. Below you will find just some of our ranges –


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We can provide inflatable cars, inflatable men, inflatable products, sky dancers, air dancers, air guys or inflatables that represent your business, product, event, brand or service.

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