Inflatable Zorbs

Inflatable zorb balls, giant blow up hamster ball, aqua spheres, aqua balls – these are all delightful names for the Megaflatables zorb ball! These giant blow up hamster balls will comfortably fit you inside and once you try them (trust us) – you’re hooked! Safety always comes first and all Megaflatables zorb balls include a safety harness.

Simply attach it and place the ball over you. Once inside the ball, you are ready to play! Perfect for half-time fun, your company event or a fundraiser – players run around and bounce into and off each other, just like inflatable human bumper cars!


Get ready to let your hair down and have some fun with our Zorb balls. For even more excitement, why not invest or hire an inflatable pitch to create a big play area, branded to suit your business or event! Don’t forget – if you can dream it, we can make it!


Zorb Ball Hire


Megaflatables are also able to provide zorb ball hire as well as custom inflatables for sale. Zorb hire is perfect for a one-off event and is still available with all our management and events help. All Megaflatables inflatable zorbs and designs are durable, sturdy and made with quality materials – just as you would expect.

We offer a 2 metre diameter zorb ball for mini Zorbers (so no one misses out) and a 2.5m – 3m inflatables for bigger kids or full-grown Zorbers! For a company day, we can add your logo and make any bespoke design you would like. For a little extra inflatable fun, why not try our bubble football game or make your own with our inflatable sports cage that can be designed by you! If you need any additional help, we offer full event management; meaning we deliver, install, inflate, run your event, pack everything away and pop your inflatables in safe storage ready for next time.

Body Zorbs


Body zorbs are worn by people, encased by the big, bouncy sphere. Body zorbs have open sections for your legs to stick out so you can run and play games such as bubble football – it sounds crazy but it’s so fun. Of course, body zorbs are made out of translucent or clear materials to ensure you can still see! On the other hand, normal inflatable zorbs are complete spheres for rolling, resembling giant blow up hamster balls.

For more information about zorb ball hire or to create your own zorbing adventure, branded to suit your business or promotional message, get in touch with the Megaflatables team! We will also be able to provide you with a competitive quote over the phone or via email!

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