Recycled Inflatables: The Next Steps

Inflatables are our bread and butter here at Megaflatables, and we are proud to be the industry experts, relied upon to manufacture and bring to life so many fantastic ideas; from inflatable arches, to special products and giant inflatables for parades, festivals and brand events! But environmental advertising and keeping things green and eco friendly is also extremely important to us!


Inflatables are the perfect way to get all the benefits and eye-catching attention of an inflatable advertising campaign whilst remaining conscious of the world around you. Here at Megaflatables, we are now able to offer a recycled inflatables service, for both our Nylon or PVC materials – and it’s completely hassle free!


PVC and Nylon require different processes to breakdown and re-harness the fibres so that they can be used for other products. We choose to work with these materials for many reasons, primarily because they durable, lightweight materials which makes them convenient and high quality for our customers. Both materials are also perfect for printing custom designs onto, but they also have sustainable characteristics with PVC being made from rock salt and other low-carbon ingredients when compared with other thermoplastics and polymers.


Our inflatables can be re-manufactured into new products, ultimately extending the lifecycle of materials and minimising the natural resources required to make new things. Recycled inflatables can have so much material, so they really could turn into anything – from recycled bags to recycled construction products!


Your Eco Friendly Advertising Campaigns


If you are a conscious or sustainable company and in a dilemma about how to make a statement and grab the attention of a brand new audience, without the carbon alarm bells, our inflatables could be for you!

Recycled Inflatables From Megaflatables


The process is totally stress free for the companies we work with; we handle the whole thing for you! After you have finished with an inflatable, no matter the shape, size or design, we can collect it. We will separate the materials ourselves, sorting them to ensure they are all recycled properly and then send them to the materials recycling facility, where they are compiled into huge bales. From here, heavy machinery re-processes all the fibres from to recycle the inflatables for repurposing!


Environmental advertising or eco friendly advertising campaigns could also be a smart way to start establishing an ethical reputation for your brand. Research shows that consumers are more than 60% more likely to be convinced towards a company because of their conscious attitudes and what they do to help the environment. Using our recycled inflatables service means you can capture the hearts of those customers and help to protect the world we live in all in one.


How Megaflatables Are Going Green


We’re not just doing this to help your company out, here at Megaflatables, we are making a real change, too. Partially inspired by working with such fantastic eco friendly advertising campaigns for Climate Week 2019, Megaflatables are endeavouring to offset our carbon footprint in 2020.


Our recycled inflatables service will also be regularly evaluated to ensure everything, including the suppliers, carriers and distribution process, is low emission. We are going to be running fantastic projects, like tree planting, to help counteract the impact we are having on the world, too.


Megaflatables are also keen to continue to help raise awareness for eco friendly movements, companies and initiatives – so get in touch or browse our galleries to get an idea of what we can do for you! Some of our impressive inflatables really are quite a statement!



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