Inflatable Beach Balls

Good old fashioned inflatable beach balls is where it all starts for so many people! At Megaflatables we can produce these giant inflatable beach ball products from 14 inches to 2m in size. You might be surprised with just how many concepts can be achieved with an inflatable beach ball – check them out below!

Inflatable Beach Balls UK


Although these products might be referred to as an inflatable beach ball, they’re certainly not limited to just that one product. They also don’t have to stay the standard ball size; here at Megaflatables, we love to go larger and make giant inflatable beach balls, more akin to our inflatable spheres.


An inflatable beach ball is the perfect, interactive or strictly promotional product. They’re fun and familiar to so many, and simple branded designs are extremely popular for companies preparing for outdoor events and looking to boost customer interaction. We also think inflatable beach balls UK make great giveaway prizes for your customers to win or takeaway and remember your brand every time they play!

At Megaflatables, our in house design team have come up with some fantastic creations and ideas for inflatable beach ball products. These are a great way to advertise, call attention to your brand and get everyone involved at events, festivals, trade shows and promotional campaigns. The spherical shape makes them super diverse and our digital printing technique ensures they always look exactly how you want – whether that’s emblazoned with your branding or made to look like another item, like a Christmas decoration, a breast, a balloon bouquet, a disco ball and so much more! Smaller scale products can have logos placed on them via stickers or screen printing, while the larger products are branded by digitally printing onto them. You can even make them light up with our glow inflatable techniques.


Despite all the options, we think inflatable beach balls look great just as they are, in your selection of colour combinations and perhaps used in a shop window display! To discuss your ideas for giant inflatable beach balls UK (or the standard sized ones) you can get in touch with the team here at Megaflatables. We’ll be able to advise you on the best product to suit your campaign and provide a competitive quote!

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