Inflatable Animals

Inflatable animals are the perfect friendly and funky way to attract a crowd of all ages to your businesses’ event, premises or fundraiser. Create your own loveable inflatable farmyard animal, now!

Life Size Inflatable Animals


Bring your favourite characters, mascots and friends to life with our life size inflatable animals. Here at Megaflatables, we can design and manufacture your animals, no matter what they are. Inflatable animals are the perfect option for a creative or aerial campaign, particularly when part of your key demographic is children. Invite them to join in the fun with everything from inflatable farmyard animals to inflatable safari animals – whatever your theme, if you can think it, we can make it.

Make A Statement With Inflatable Animals


Here at Megaflatables, we love what we achieve for our clients that come looking for inflatable animals that are larger than life. These are more than just inflatables; our creations are extremely versatile and can be used as an inflatable parade float or a statement piece that promotes your brand’s messages; We are proud to have made inflatable sea animals and inflatable rain forest animals for our clients looking to raise awareness around climate change and other issues.


We know that inflatable animals can achieve so much, we’ve seen them featured as glow inflatables at festivals and concerts as well as fun-day parade inflatables and in so many other ways.


Don’t forget, that all our life size inflatable animals (or larger than life if you are looking to make a bigger statement or be seen from further away) can be branded with your business’ message or colours. We use digital printing techniques, as well as Pantone-specific colours to ensure we manufacture premium inflatable animals. All inflatable animals are made from high-quality, light weight materials for ease of use and storage.


To see what we have achieved, or to ask about your own idea, get in touch with the team here at Megaflatables. If you have any ideas, brand requirements or just a mad thought about having some fun, let our team know.

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