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Outdoor Inflatables: How To Take Your Promotion Outside

Make A Statement

The are several benefits to using outdoor inflatables at your next event. Not only are they huge, to say the least, but outdoor inflatables are fully customisable, meaning that you can promote the message you want without having to make any sacrifices. With our outdoor giant inflatables, we understand the importance of getting it spot on, which is why our expert teams will work closely with you to produce the perfect outdoor inflatable for your event. From colour and size, to the finish of your inflatable we will advise on each detail of your product to ensure you get the most out of your purchase.

The Bigger, The Better

Regardless of what you may be promoting, the bigger your inflatable is, the better – which is why we strongly advise on taking your promotion outside where possible. From inflating your outdoor inflatable at the side of the street to promote your showroom, sale or event, to using it at the start of a fun run, marathon or mud race, there are so many options.

In addition to being able to design and digitally print each of our customers designs, we offer the option of Velcro panels, which provide even great flexibility. This means that you can update your brand and advertising when it suits you, making it cost-effective in the long term. From switching up your sponsorship, to the overall message of your promotion, you can do it all.

To Infinity & Beyond

Inflatable Planets are an excellent way to bring your promotion to life – literally – and by taking them into the outdoors, you can create the perfect space-inspired event you’ve already dreamt of. Plus, it’s pretty difficult to miss a 1m, 2m or even 3m giant inflatable planet soaring above your outdoor event! From the sun, to various stars and even planets complete with the ring around them, no planet is too complex for us to design and create.

Each of our inflatable planets are created with detail in mind, meaning that our experts can excellently mimic the moon, sun or globe to your exact requirements. We can even create inflatable mirror balls that will help to add another dimension to your out-of-this-world event!

High-Quality Giant Inflatables

Whilst we hope that the weather is perfect on the day of your event, we understand that the rain and cloud can be a little unpredictable, particularly in the cheapest courier uk! Regardless of where in the world your outdoor event may be taking place, you’ll be pleased to know that each of our advertising inflatables are mad from high-quality, durable materials for multiple use. These materials are also very lightweight, meaning that they can be easily transported from one place to another.


For more information about our services and inflatable products, get in touch with a member of our expert Megaflatables team on 01245 373 427, today.

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