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Planning Your Social Event For Later This Year

We understand that your fundraising event may have had to be put on hold following the COVID-19 breakout earlier this year. But, as the world begins to reopen its doors, being prepared is key. If you’re looking to plan your social event calendars in the coming weeks or months, we have a couple of great tips to help get you started. Check them out!

Getting Event Ready

As a business that designs and produces inflatables suitable for a range of businesses and events, we’re well versed in helping brands to build the perfect event. From inflatables suitable for public events, school events and even church events, our experts can design, build and manage inflatables of any size and shape. Find out more about our most popular inflatables, below.

Giant inflatable dinosaur

Sports Inflatables

Sports day at school has truly passed, but that doesn’t mean that pupils have to miss out on the fun in the sun they would’ve had on their sports day. If you want to make your school’s summer one to remember, why not consider a sports inflatable for when the time comes to reopen the school gates? We’ve designed and bought to life numerous different types of sports inflatables from sports cages, to inflatable darts.

Giant inflatable sports arch

Inflatable Domes

With often a limited amount of space to work with, getting to grips with your event stand can be challenging. However, with an inflatable dome, you don’t have to worry about making your business stand out as the inflatable does this for you. All you need to know is the size of the available event space and what you want to promote! Our experts will then turn your inflatables vision to life.

Giant inflatable dome

Glowing Inflatables

There are endless creative designs we can come up with to capture your audience’s attention for daytime events, but what about those that go on into the night? With glowing inflatables, you can easily keep the party going! They are the perfect solution to help you stand out at low-lit events including festivals, exhibitions and even night runs. A number of our clients have also previously combined our glowing inflatables with our inflatable planets, helping to bring the solar system to life.

Giant inflatable planets

Giant Animals

Who can resist a cute, fluffy animal? The answer is no one, so why not integrate one of our giant inflatable animalsinto your event planning to guarantees a chorus of “awws” at the entrance of your exhibition? From farmyard animals, to zoo animals and even those we read about in fairy tales, our teams can create an inflatable animal designed to your exact specification no matter how realistic or whimsical you want it to be.

Giant inflatable dragon


Giant inflatable animal

Despite the Coronavirus update, we’re feeling hopeful that some of our much-loved annual events can still go ahead this year. If you would like support with finding the perfect inflatable for your upcoming event, exhibition or festival, we’d be more than happy to assist you.

Giant inflatable panda

For more information, get in touch with a member of our friendly expert team on 01245 421056, today.


Did you know? Our inflatables are also available to hire. We have plenty in stock and can deliver them the very next day. Plus you can also rent for up to two weeks at a time! Find out more.

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