Inflatable Blimp Advertising

Conquer the competition at your next exhibition or event with inflatable blimp advertising; we create all kinds of customisable inflatable blimp, inflatable spheres and bespoke inflatable. Blimps and inflatable advertising products drive traffic to your site and ensure you will stand out from the crowd. We design, manufacture and inflate all types of inflatable helium marketing products, ensuring our trademark quality and design. Rent an inflatable blimp or have one custom-made, indoor or outdoor – we have a wide choice and variety of sizes available.


Stand Out With An Advertising Inflatable Blimp


Whenever you see a blimp in the sky, you point it out, and take note of what it says – right? Now imagine that’s your business, with potential clients and customers walking past and pointing your blimp out – customers and clients that may have never naturally interacted with your business before. Inflatable blimp advertising offers a cost effective, long term advertising strategy for your business, that will continue to draw in potential customers daily. Become a household name (we all know the Goodyear blimp!) by taking advantage of Megaflatables custom blimp ideas – and using Megaflatables to help design you a creative, exciting inflatable blimp – today.

Why not use our airships or our mega advertising inflatables as site markers, or as part of your promotional campaign? They alert the wider audience to your presence and promotion and drive footfall to your stand. We can print anything you like on them! For maximum ease and success, our friendly team can project manage your entire aerial advertising campaign. We can also supply the gas and/or handle the installation for you – please, just ask.


We can make blimps in all kinds of shapes, Pantone-specific colours, sizes and styles; the sky is – literally – the limit! Make sure your potential customers and clients can see you wherever they are with a giant inflatable blimp, or even a custom blimp. Want something you don’t see on our site? All you need to do is ask – we love whacky ideas! Simply get in touch and a friendly member of our team will be able to assist you.

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