Small Inflatable Product Shapes

Although we have definitely mastered the giant inflatable, and we even invented the megaflatable, for capturing your audience’s attention, smaller inflatable products are equally useful and fun for your customers!

Why Use Small Inflatable Products


Perhaps you are using inflatable blimps or giant inflatable clouds to draw attention to your business and encourage visitors to visit your pop up, premises, exhibition or promotion. How are you going to keep their attention when they come to visit? A fantastic option is our small inflatable products. You can use them like inflatable product replicas at launches and industry events.


Here at Megaflatables, we love when our customers get creative with their ideas for small inflatable products. Design your own games, create fantastic competitions, giveaways and even use them to decorate your inflatable building. There really is no end to your options.

Custom Inflatable Products


Small inflatable product shapes are one of our most popular requests. We make all of our inflatables from PVC as a sealed unit and guarantee precision with Pantone-specific colouring and fantastic printing options. Our in-house design team will always liaise with you to ensure we deliver exactly what you’re dreaming up.


Small inflatable products range anywhere between 12 inches and 2 metres in size, but you can always get in touch with your request – we love a challenge.


We have provided custom inflatables for advertising purposes to some of the most established brands in the UK and across Europe. Whatever your goals and budget, we can help to advise you on an effective inflatable marketing solution.

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