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The Magic of the Lord Mayor’s Show- Giant parade inflatables Brought to Life by Megaflatables

London’s Lord Mayor’s Show is an event steeped in rich history and grandeur. A tradition that has been upheld for over 800 years, this annual parade is a festive celebration to welcome the new Lord Mayor. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the biggest and oldest parades in London.

The Leading Supplier in Parade Inflatables

Megaflatables, the leading supplier of parade inflatables for the Lord Mayor’s Show, has been proud to be a significant part of the parade for numerous years. Working with a large range of clients, Megaflatables has been at the heart of creating some of the most eye-catching parade inflatables. Giant animals have been a popular choice, From golden dragons to A giant peacock dotting the parade route, all thanks to Megaflatables’ innovative designs.



Creating Parade Inflatables with Megaflatables

This year, Megaflatables took their involvement to a whole new level. They not only designed and produced an impressive array of 24 parade balloons but also managed the event. The process of creating an inflatable with Megaflatables is simple and seamless. Clients share their ideas, and Megaflatables brings them to life, providing all the necessary information and event management support along the way

Why Choose Megaflatables?

If you’re seeking a company to help you create an unforgettable parade inflatable, then Megaflatables is the team you need. Their dedication to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry. Not only do they bring your inflatable ideas to life, but they also ensure that the entire process, from design to event management, is handled professionally.

Whether it’s for the Lord Mayor’s Show or any other event, Megaflatables can create a show-stopping inflatable that will leave a lasting impression. Reach out to the team today at 01245 421 056, and let them bring your vision to life.

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