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5 Seconds of Summer

Discover how 5 Seconds of Summer elevated concert interaction using a giant inflatable dice created by Megaflatables.

When it comes to live performances, engaging the audience is an art form. 5 Seconds of Summer recently took this to a whole new level on their latest tour by incorporating Megaflatables’ inflatable dice into their electrifying stage setup. This giant inflatable dice not only added a visually stunning element to their performances but also introduced a unique and interactive way to decide which song to play next.

Elevating Concert Crowd Interaction with Music Inflatables

The use of the 5 Seconds of Summer inflatable dice was a game-changer for concert crowd interaction. As the oversized dice surfed the crowd, excitement rippled through the audience. What made this inflatable dice truly special was the strategic placement of the band’s song titles on each side. When the dice landed, fate decided which track the band would play next, turning the concert into a thrilling and unpredictable musical journey for fans.

To further improve crowd interaction at live events, it’s essential for musicians to think beyond the traditional boundaries of the stage. Megaflatables inflatable dice for 5 Seconds of Summer showcased how a simple prop can transform a concert into an immersive experience, creating lasting memories for both the performers and their audience.

Music Inflatables: More Than Just Visual Props

Beyond their visual appeal, music inflatables play a crucial role in enhancing the concert experience. Megaflatables understands this and believes that these inflatables are not just stage props; they serve as a dynamic tool for artists to connect with their fans. In the case of 5 Seconds of Summer, the inflatable dice became a conversation starter, a tangible link between the band and their audience, making the concert more memorable and engaging.

There’s nothing quite like having a member of 5 Seconds of Summer throw a giant dice into the audience for them to play with. Fans seem to be ecstatic about the event, and we’re sure that any other 5 Seconds of Summer audience would love the chance to roll the dice with their favourite band.

Six Songs, One Dice

Megaflatables went the extra mile to make the 5 Seconds of Summer inflatable dice unique to the band’s style. Six of the band’s iconic songs, including Wrapped Around Your Finger, Heartbreak Girl, and Voodoo Doll were added to the sides of the dice. This customisation not only showcased the versatility of music inflatables but also highlighted Megaflatables’ commitment to creating personalised and impactful experiences for artists and their fans.

 Change your Crowd Interactions with Music Inflatables

Ready to take your concerts to the next level? Explore Megaflatables’ range of music inflatables and discover how these dynamic props can transform your stage presence and improve crowd interaction at live events. Make every performance memorable with Megaflatables – where creativity meets inflatable innovation. Megaflatables  design service is used by brands, companies, and other entities for a range of fun projects – they’d  love to hear from you next!

5 Seconds of Summer’s use of Megaflatables’ inflatable dice proves that music inflatables are not just eye-catching additions to a stage; they are powerful tools for creating unforgettable moments. As the music industry continues to evolve, embracing innovative ways to connect with fans is key, and Megaflatables is at the forefront of this revolution. If you’re looking of ways to create a memorable concert then giant inflatables are the way forward. Get in contact with Megaflatables today to discuss the endless options of the inflatable world.



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