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Giant Mirror Balls For The Starbucks Limitless Event

Starbucks Limitless was a two-day event designed to inspire and capture a unifying vision for the future. It was an event that marked the embedding of Starbucks’ new mission, while simultaneously celebrating 25 years of connection over coffee. This event was not only a celebration of Starbucks’ rich history and commitment to its mission but also a showcase of innovative designs that elevated the entire event experience.

Chrome Spheres: a striking feature at any event

One of the most striking features of the Starbucks Limitless event which was held at Tobacco docks in London, was our latest chrome sphere install. These chrome spheres served as an eye-catching centrepiece at the event, They added a unique and modern touch to the event. The spheres can be displayed either on the ground, adding a sense of solidity and grandeur, or hanging, creating a dynamic, floating effect. With their ability to reflect light and mirror their surroundings, these chrome spheres not only stood out as individual pieces of art but also seamlessly integrated with the overall theme of the event.

Why use chrome spheres at an event ?

Chrome spheres create a sense of grandeur and sophistication that is bound to capture the attention of attendees, With their reflective surfaces creating a stunning backdrop for photos videos and social media opportunities. The possibilities in how the chrome spheres can be displayed are endless making them a very versatile product for any event or venue. Here at Megaflatables there are no limits when it comes to rental or purchase opportunities with our inflatables.

Inflatable Advertising: A New Trend in Event Marketing

Not only do these chrome spheres serve as stunning décor pieces, but they are also an effective advertising tool. As with all of our inflatables, we can design and produce the spheres with your branding and logos too, making them a bespoke advertising inflatable. These inflatables are not only visually appealing, but they also provide a unique and memorable way to capture the attention of potential customers. In the case of the Starbucks Limitless event, the chrome spheres served as a symbol of the company’s innovation and forward-thinking approach.

Make your event memorable

Whether it’s a corporate event, a marketing campaign, or a social gathering, Giant inflatables are a proven and fun way to create experiences that are not only visually stunning but also engaging and memorable for all attendees. if you are looking to create a memorable event get in contact with the team at Megaflatables today to explore the endless opportunities in inflatable advertising & event Décor.


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