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giant inflatable father Christmas parade

Swansea Christmas parade 2021: Giant Inflatable Father Christmas

Swansea Christmas parade 2021: Giant Inflatable Father Christmas

Swansea Christmas parade 2021 kicked off the festive season with a giant inflatable father Christmas. On the 21st of November 2021 Swansea Council’s annual Christmas parade took place. The parade started at Princess way slowly making its way to Castle square where Father Christmas switched on the city centres Christmas lights. The Parade was one of the biggest Christmas parades that Swansea had seen with thousands of residents spectating. The Parade consisted of marching bands, colourful floats, festive film characters, Christmas glow inflatables, light up characters, fireworks and of course, Santa in his sleigh and plenty of seasonal inflatables.

Festive Bespoke Inflatables

Megaflatables had the important job of creating a bespoke inflatable father Christmas which was one the biggest crowd pleasers especially with the children who were in awe of the inflatable. The Inflatable parade float could be seen flying up above the crowds from spectators in the crowd far and near. This festive inflatable was not only so eye catching due to its enormous size but also because it was fitted with LED lights which really lit up the inflatable. Due to the parade being held at night-time the LED Glow inflatable was very vibrant however LED lighting doesn’t always need to be used on inflatables that are on display in the dark, LED lighting can also be used on any inflatable in the daylight too, The LED lighting method which is for daylight purposes works well when highlighting text or branding on the inflatable.

Sky High Giant Inflatables Lead the Parade

The Events team at Megaflatables were also participants of the Swansea Christmas parade. The delivery, Installation, Inflation and safety is the responsibility of the events management team, meaning the customer can relax and focus on enjoying the event and attracting more business! From parades and sporting events, through to festivals, events, and exhibitions – Megaflatables are highly experienced in producing and managing complex advertising displays. Making Megaflatables the UK’s #1 For Inflatable Advertising & Event Management. Full event management service doesn’t just apply to bespoke inflatables created via our design service The event management service can also be purchased alongside our inflatables for hire.

inflatable father Christmas

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If you have an upcoming event, parade or exhibition stall on a Christmas market and you are looking for a way to increase your customer attraction with minimal effort or attention required from yourself then get in touch with Megaflatables to go through the design bespoke inflatables or inflatables for hire along with the event management service.

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