Seasonal and Themes

Our seasonal and themes inflatables are just perfect for all types of event, business, organisation, venue or celebration. From Christmas inflatables to Easter inflatables, we have the lot and can provide all types of design and style.

Our seasonal inflatable men and air dancers are proven to help your business by advertising it from over 500 yards away and we can produce just about any design you require.

Our inflatable advertising products are 20ft high and require no planning permission making them the easy way to advertise your product or service, club or organisation.

Choose from our extensive range of inflatable Santas, inflatable Christmas Trees, inflatable Easter Bunnies or inflatable characters like Count Dracula or an inflatable Frankenstein, we can make any object for all types of party and celebration.

All our inflatable celebration beacons can be used at birthday parties, weddings, outdoor events and can also be used to promote your business or organisation.

Below you will find just some of our 50+  seasonal designs – for more information please call us on 0845 180 1430 or email

Watch our Inflatable Videos

To see some of our inflatable products in use visit our You Tube Channel

For more information please call us on 0845 180 1430 or email

Please note we are fully operational, providing the Manufacturing, Rental and Event Management for all inflatables. Find out more.