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How to Get the Most Out of Your Inflatable Crowd Spheres

With so many brands and companies looking for new ways to make a splash with their marketing and promotions, we understand that it can be a challenge trying to come up with the next new idea. However, fear not, at Megaflatables, we are proud to offer a wide range of inflatable spheres and balls, which have endless promotional possibilities. Plus, we are here to help you get the ball rolling with some creative ideas to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Create an Impression with Inflatable Spheres

Set your event off to a bouncing start with our collection of inflatable crowd spheres perfect for promotional parties. Whether you’re looking for a way to add props to your theme or want to display your company logo in a fun and interactive style, inflatable sphere balls are the perfect way to bring your creative ideas to life.

If you’re looking for a starting point, why not choose a beachball design for a summer event? Guests in the crowd can have fun batting inflatable crowd spheres back and forth, all the while subconsciously having fun interacting with your branding. Alternatively, if you want to keep your branding in one place for all to see, why not create a classic balloon effect? Having your company logo displayed high above the crowd will create a show-stopping and memorable effect, as well as acting as a centre point for the event.

Other ways to make the most out of inflatable spheres for your promotional event is to replicate props to match your theme. If you have a sports brand, why not fill the room with colossal sized footballs, golf balls, tennis balls, and any other styles you can think of?  Clustering these together will create epic photo opportunities and are a sure way to get the event splashed across social media, so be sure to create a unique hashtag! Of course, inflatable sphere props are not limited to sports props, so if you had an idea for what you would like to bring to life in an inflatable sphere, then our team will be happy to help! For more information look at our case study for Inflatable spheres for Manchester City FC.

Inflatable sphere in crowd promotional InflatableCatch the Eye with Mirror Spheres

Dazzle the guests at your event with inflatable mirror spheres, designed to catch the light and reflect more shine onto your promotion. Our inflatable mirror spheres are ideal for cutting-edge events which put style at the forefront. Hung from the ceiling to create a futuristic bubbled effect or layered for fantastic photoshoot backdrops, you can get everyone in the room and on the ‘gram talking about your event with mirror spheres.

Choose inflatable mirror spheres in a wide variety of sizes and chrome options available to create an eye-catching display or promote your brand colours in a subtle yet fun fashion. Plus, if you love the look of our mirror spheres, but don’t want to go overboard on the glitz and glamour, then why not choose just one large mirror sphere to hang from the centre of a hallway or stage to act as a stationary disco ball showcasing your website or brand? This is the perfect way to inject the party atmosphere into your event.

Inflatable mirror-mast sphereLaunch your Event into Space with Inflatable Planets

Why not aim for something out of this world with inflatable sphere balls that represent different planets? If your brand or event is set to be larger than life on earth, then help your customers to reach for the sky with huge inflatable planets hanging from the venue ceiling.

Whether you’re looking for a whole galaxy of planets and stars, or you want to showcase the sun and moon at your event, we can create the perfect planets to your desired size. Alternatively, why not even think bigger than that? If you have a unique planet design as part of your logo or want to create something new and unique for your event, then our expert team can help you bring your dreams to life. Guests at your event will feel as though they have been transported to your own brand’s planet with inflatable planet spheres from our collection.

Now that you have had just a taste of what is possible with our inflatable sphere balls, why not get in touch to discuss designs for your promotional event? Our expert team are on hand to help you create fun and bold designs which are sure to turn heads, so don’t hesitate to find out more today.

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