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Manchester City FC – Inflatable blue moons

Manchester City win the Premier League with giant Inflatable blue moons. Manchester City Football Club is “the heart of the city”. Throughout its proud history, the football club has built a deep, lasting kinship with communities in Manchester and in cities further afield.

The fans show it in the unwavering passion for the Club and the club show it in dedication to building, for them, the successful and sustainable football club for the future.

It is a responsibility that the Club is honoured to shoulder.

The time is set, the stadium ready, 60,000 fans, 22 players and an inflatable company were all set to celebrate a historic day in Manchester.

Could, Manchester City FC win the game and lift the Premiership Trophy for the 2nd time in three years.

As they say, ‘A picture paints a thousand words…’

These are the images of how 2m inflatable “blue moons” can help celebrate an event that was truly amazing.

Congratulations to all at MCFC, Megaflatables were proud to be with you.

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