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Giant Inflatable Turtle In London

Did You See Our Giant Inflatable Turtle?

A giant inflatable turtle was spotted last week roaming the streets of London, did you spot it? Well, he caused quite the stir and was even papped and printed in multiple newspapers and publications to continue to raise awareness for Global Climate Change Week. If you didn’t spot the giant inflatable turtle last week you probably did notice all the other protests and amazing statements being made around the world last week. Amazingly, protests and statements were largely led by students and minors, notably 16-year-old Greta Thunberg.

So, What Is Global Climate Week?

Global climate change week was designed to motivate and encourage scientists, politicians and individuals, wherever they live and whatever industry they work in, to take climate change more seriously. You might have heard that students around the world took the opportunity to protest in the streets of cities to highlight the importance of the changing world to them.

Greta Thunberg has become the youthful face of global climate change and made a voyage to New York by wind-powered yacht to deliver an emotive and emphatic plea to global politicians about the effects of climate change on the younger generation.

The protests of the week were varied and creative and here at Megaflatables, we have loved seeing pictures of signs, crowds and innovative ways of raising awareness. However, it’s not just been students and young people making a statement for climate change. Our giant inflatable turtle was actually an order by Delphis Eco.

Turtle Inflatable For Climate Week

Who Are Delphis Eco & Why Did They Want A Giant Inflatable Turtle?

Delphis Eco are a committed, eco friendly brand that make environmentally friendly every-day items you will find around your home, namely cleaning products. They are a really cool company that are determined to make a difference with their brand and do things a little differently. They combine effective cleaning with ‘green’ ideas, that make them the number one producer of eco-cleaning products on the market today.

They supply to other companies and are committed to helping the British business community to protect our environment, minimising the harmful chemicals found in industrial cleaning products that ultimately end up in the sea. One of Delphis Eco’s most important visions is to help businesses cut their plastic usage, which is why they came up with the idea of a giant inflatable turtle.

So, the giant inflatable turtle was an idea that Delphis Eco had because they are an innovative company, always looking for unique ways to achieve their goals and raise awareness for what they believe in. They took this opportunity to help encourage other people to raise awareness and spread the word about plastic pollution. Delphis Eco founder said “Our turtle is here to raise awareness because how better to raise awareness than with a giant turtle” – We agree, what’s more eye-catching than an inflatable animal with a meaningful message or story to tell?

Making The Inflatable Turtle

The team here at Megaflatables are proud to have been asked to get involved in such as fantastic cause. Our giant inflatable turtle is made from completely recyclable nylon that is eventually going to be deconstructed and turned into bags.

To make such a statement and to ensure the turtle really did make the desired impact, we needed a crew of 6 people and 2 hours to install. To make sure he was completely grounded, it took 16 tons of ground weight to keep him safe in Parliament Square.

The giant inflatable turtle is now touring the UK, visiting schools and continuing to promote Delphis Eco’s message and encourage us to consume less plastic, protect our oceans and use eco-friendly, non-harmful products wherever possible. Despite recent changes in UK legislation regarding plastic, there are few changes being introduced that are really going to make a difference.

If you fancy getting creative with your brand’s message and even standing out in a crowd of fantastic promotions and protests, get in touch with the team here at Megaflatables. From parade inflatables to small product replicas, we ensure your brand is represented the way it deserves.



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