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Globals Make Some Noise Giant Inflatable Arch

Global’s Makes Some Noise

Make Some Noise, today, on Friday 11th October are raising money – and awareness – for children, young people and their families living with long term illness, disabilities, as well as those who care for them. You can see the full list of groups and organisations that Make Some Noise support on their website, but the communities and groups are all across the UK.

Giant Inflatable Heart Arch with Public

The initiative Make Some noise were founded by Global, who are a network of radios. Their portfolio includes Heart, Capital FM and Radio X amongst so many others. Their campaign ‘Make Some Noise’ is all about being loud and proud, which is the perfect creative promotional campaign for the radio stations that control the waves. You might have heard presenters over recent weeks hyping up their event to help raise money? Last year, the team and their nationwide listeners, raised a fantastic £4,198,678 for such a worthy cause.

Make Some Noise are proud to represent and ‘make some noise’ for the smaller charities that might not get as much air time as other worthy causes. As with all charities, fundraising goes on all year, but on Friday 11th October, Global’s very own Jamie Theakston has been completing his ‘Bike Britain’ challenge, which he started on October the 4th. This epic challenge was a new and improved version of the quest the presenter set himself last year, where he walked from Cardiff to London in 7 days. He rallied so much support from celebrities, listeners and passers-by, that he’s organised 2019’s challenge to try and beat what they raised last year (no mean feat).

Jamie Theakston’s Bike Britain Finish Line In London


Heart Arch with Signs

Bike Britain will have seen Jamie start in Edinburgh and ride south to Newcastle, then onto Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and then Cardiff, Bristol and finally onto the capital city.

Here at Megaflatables, we love that Make Some Noise is such a creative way to raise money and drum up much deserved attention for smaller causes that are no less worthy of our funds and thoughts. Of course, we might be a bit biased, but we love anyone that thinks outside the box when it comes to their promotional ideas.

Jamie Arriving through Heart Arch

The team here at Megaflatables are a trusted partner of Global Radio and have been working with their household name-brands for 8 years. We have created a whole host of inflatables to draw attention to their fantastic cause – because what better way to draw the eye than with a giant inflatable?

We even made the inflatable arch that is used for so many of the Heart marathons, runs and events around the country. Today, it will be used to welcome Jamie back into London after his heroic bike ride. Our team are there today to set up and are looking forward to congratulating the whole team and showing their support for Make Some Noise.

The Heart inflatable arch is a custom design inflatable, made from completely recycled nylon, which makes it perfect for an inflatable that tours and moves around so much because it’s lightweight. Even better, it’s non-harmful to our planet.

For more information about our work with Make Some Noise or an inflatable arch, inflatable building or anything else, get in touch with the team here at Megaflatables to discuss your ideas. We love a challenge and love to work on great causes and campaigns.

Don’t forget to donate to Make Some Noise and catch up with the Global team on social media!

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