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`Megaflatables Giant inflatable Balloon

Branded Balloons For Your Business

When we talk about branded balloons or advertising balloons, we don’t mean the kind that you might find inside at a birthday party. We think much, much bigger than that! Branded balloons from Megaflatables can reach up to 6 metres – a little bit more noticeable than a standard balloon or even a basic balloon arch used at outdoor events.

Advertising Balloons And What They Can Do For You!

Are you launching your business in a new location and want to shout about it? Or perhaps your SME is celebrating their first, second or fiftieth birthday and know you deserve to celebrate and want to give something back to your customers? An inflatable balloon provides a unique opportunity to tell a story and ensure it is branded to boost your visibility, but they are also more than that. If you are small business focused in a small location, your advertising balloon could come out year after year (especially if it’s to celebrate an anniversary of being in business) and announce an event or promotion to passers-by, establishing yourselves not just as transactional business but a brand within the community. You could use branded balloons to announce your new launch or move into a new area – the sky is the limit.

Think of the shape of an inflatable balloon – bulbous and thinning into a bottle neck – fly it above your business and use it as a giant arrow pointing to your location. They can also be used as a light bulb, to announce your brand-new ideas (we can even make inflatables glow), a giant pear and so much more!

One of the things that makes aerial advertising so effective is that it is so unexpected, it just demands attention. A simple branded balloon, emblazoned with your logo or a simple business message can be so effective, especially because it could be visible from miles around, capturing the attention of so many people!

Inflatable balloons can be used for more than just black-and-white advertising or promotional campaigns. Why not make a statement? Go with something tried and true and opt for the zeppelin shaped inflatable airship or a balloon shaped like a sphere or a huge inflatable animal that looks like a balloon animal to advertise your entertainment business. Inflatable advertising is out-the-box thinking so why not run with it? Take your branded balloons to trade shows, festivals, community events and so much more!


Details About Our Inflatable Balloons

Advertising balloons can also soar at up to 200 feet in the air. Here at Megaflatables we are proud to turn your weird and wonderful ideas into an inflatable reality. Products are available in Pantone-specific colours to ensure they turn out exactly like you want them!

Our advertising balloons are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which makes them super cost effective as businesses can ensure they get plenty of use out of one product – the effect will never change! For more information about starting the designs for your branded balloon, get in touch with the team.


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