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Megaflatables Giant Inflatable Christmas Inflatables

Christmas Inflatables & Giant Inflatable Santa!!

Giant Inflatable Santas – For Home And Business

Giant Present In The StreetAlthough a giant inflatable Santa might be more closely associated with domestic and home properties, there’s no reason they can’t be effective advertising tools for businesses, too. The inflatable Santas available from Megaflatabales aren’t just for home use. As with most things we do, we believe go big or go home!

Our giant inflatable Santas are available in standard sizes, up to 6ft. These guys are perfect to flank your doors and ensure they spread Christmas cheer. However, if you are looking to upgrade or are simply thinking a little bigger, our Santas are also available in 12 and 20ft structures.

Ideas For Christmas Inflatables

You don’t have to just limit yourselves to a giant inflatable Santa, although a tried and true way to announce your presence and invite customers to come into your business to celebrate Christmas, there are some other ideas we have got up our sleeve:

Giant Inflatable Santa Air Dancer

  • Glow inflatables – Bring a little light to your street and imitate the glow and atmosphere of fairy lights with these very special inflatables. They can be customised to a bespoke shape and could even spell out ‘Merry Christmas’. We think this is a simple but effective way of appearing festive to customers. The finished product always looks professional and is an ideal option for luxury or premium brands, looking to maintain their style throughout the festive period.
  • Go Big With An Inflatable Grotto – If you check out what we can do with an inflatable structure, you’ll know that the options are endless. If you have some land or plenty of space around yourselves, why not set up an inflatable grotto. Buildings can be big enough to decorate inside, so everything looks like a lovely winter wonderland! You can then invite your customers and their little ones to come and enjoy a visit with the elves, and of course, a giant inflatable Santa wouldn’t go amiss! This might be a great way for sports clubs and local communities to raise money or run a winter fete or event for all to enjoy!
  • Simple Spheres – Going back along the aesthetic-conscious route, why not use metallic sphere inflatables as baubles. They can be strung up in your store, warehouse, museum, attraction and so many other locations. Let them twinkle in the sparkle and magic of Christmas time, and catch your customer’s eye as they pass by.
  • Giant Inflatables For Outdoor Events – When looking to use a giant inflatable, you don’t have to host your own event, you could take part in a community fundraiser with parade inflatables, custom made for Christmas but branded with your business and advertising info. These are some of our most popular products because companies can get so creative with their designs and let their imaginations (and Christmas spirit) run wild!


If you’re feeling inspired by any of our Christmas inflatable ideas and what they could do for your business – or front garden – get in touch. We are able to make bespoke designs just for you, but we also have a stock of giant inflatable Santas that can be with you in days!

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