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Best Fundraising Inflatables For Your Event

With lockdown restrictions continuing to ease, now is the perfect time to start planning your next fundraising event in 2021. However, finding the perfect fundraising inflatables for your event is easier said than done, with numerous fun shapes, sizes and colours to choose from. We’re taking a closer look at some of the top inflatables available, below!

Giant Inflatables

What better way to get your customers to go “wow” than with a giant inflatable set up outside your fundraising event? Their name says it all. These fundraising inflatables are huge, making them unmissable. They can be used to draw attention to your fundraising event or stall and can even play a major part in your marketing efforts on the day!

Giant inflatable bunny with carrot

With fundraising inflatables, you can choose the exact shape, colour and size that suits your business’ aesthetic or your brands message to help you bring your next fundraising event to life. Whether you’re looking for an inflatable building to help bring your theme to life, an inflatable dome to add a new dimension to your event or an inflatable animal to attract people to your stand, the possibilities are endless.

Race Arches

Is your next fundraising event a race or some kind of challenge? Why not purchase one of our race arches to put a clear start and end to your event? Race arches are the perfect way to get your team or group noticed, encouraging passers-by to stop and cheer on your team. They’re also a great way to encourage support for the charity you are fundraising for, helping you to exceed your target and go above and beyond for those taking part.

inflatable arch

Our “sport” inflatables don’t stop at arches. We also offer inflatable sports pitches, cages, goal posts and darts to help take your fundraising event to the next level. They’re fun, colourful and suitable for almost all age types making them a big hit at any event!

Spheres & Planets

If you want your event to quite literally be “out of this world”, consider an inflatable planet. These sphere-shaped inflatables are the perfect addition for any event, helping to further complement your campaign. Inflatable spheres aren’t just inflatable “balls” that float aimlessly in the air – they’re much more than that. These spheres can be designed exactly how you want them to be and can even be mirrored to take your giant sphere to the next level (literally!) We’ve even designed James’ giant peach for the ultimate addition to a popular event.

Giant inflatable spheres and planets

Looking for your ideal fundraising inflatables can be difficult, but here at Megaflatables, we make it easy. Suitable for any budget, these inflatables are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, which is great for those looking to advertise in a “mega” way. You won’t regret it!

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