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Working Alongside Award-Winning Disabled Artist Jason


Here at Megaflatables, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting projects to work on and we were thrilled when Jason, an award-winning disabled artist, contacted us for our help.

Jason studied Fine Art and initially specialised in traditional painting techniques before he began focusing on digital art using the likes of an iPad and Wacom tablets to bring his ideas to life. This enabled him to produce “large scale, detailed paintings despite the physical challenged presented by his disability” as explained on his website.

In addition to producing his own art, Jason has also been a part of several community projects, collaborating with people from across the globe to create “fully interactive sculptures, 3D prints and lightboxes using augmented reality technology”.

As a business that likes to get involved in projects big and small, we were grateful that Jason reached out to us, providing us with yet another opportunity to get our creativity flowing.

Bringing Jason’s Idea To Life

We were first approached by Jason earlier this year to become a part of his project which was named “Jason & the Argonauts Garden Exhibition 2020”.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, Jason was unable to exhibit his work in a ‘traditional manner’ and so he made his very own exhibition in the comfort of his own home during isolation.

The project gained a lot of interest with BBC Look North and ZDF Germany amongst others visiting his home to film the creation. The footage was then broadcasted to an international audience, showcasing the giant inflatables in all of their glory. It was quite spectacular! You can watch how Jason created his masterpiece step by step, here.

Giant inflatable unicorn

Back at home, our inflatables even made The Guardian’s “Best photographs of the day” as pictured below.

Giant inflatables

Turning Your Giant Idea Into A Reality

No project is too big nor too small for us to handle here at Megaflatables. We provide a number of inflatable services that can help to bring your next event alive whether that’s taking part in a community project like Jason or wanting to promote your business in a brand-new way. As well as giant inflatables, our other products include inflatable blimp advertising, sports inflatables and air dancers.


We also offer a bespoke design service which is perfect for those who are unsure as to how to translate their artwork onto an inflatable. Our teams will take the pressure off of you, helping you to decide on the perfect product specifications and sizing for your needs. We’ll even run you through the different Pantone design colours to make sure that you’re fully satisfied with the end product!



Here at Megaflatables, we pride ourselves on being able to create anything that is thrown at us and we were (and still are) excited to have been a part of such a wonderful project.


For more information about us, get in touch with a member of our expert team on 01245 421056, today.


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