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Here at Megaflatables, we’re always on the lookout for new, exciting projects, so when London-based artist James Tailor approached us, we were more than excited to get on board! With Coronavirus preventing a number of events from taking place, we knew that we would need to create something unique.

The Smallest Gallery in Soho wanted to create a display that was only to be viewed from the street, enabling passers-by to enjoy the art from a distance. With this in mind, we got to work thinking about what type of inflatable we could instil to display a sense of comfort.

We donated a pre-existing loan giant inflatable teddy bear, which is often seen as a symbol of comfort and companionship, which is particularly important to maintain throughout these uncertain times. It also symbolises the “Teddy Bear Hunt”, which began as a way to distract children under lockdown before becoming a global phenomenon, Not to mention the incorporation of the signature colour of the NHS which has enabled us to say thank you and provide a symbol of hope in the heart of London.

Giant inflatable teddy in window display

The inflatable teddy bear has carefully been fitted into The Smallest Gallery which, at full capacity, is just over twice the size of the available space! This has created a clever illusion of which the inflatable seems to expand to almost bursting point before it begins to deflate, of which symbolises the anticipation many of us have been experiencing since the outbreak back in March this year.

John Spence, Director of Megaflatables stated that:

“During a time of uncertainty for many, it’s great to see how James has taken our inflatable and turned it into a warming piece of art which captures the eye as you walk past it. We’re incredibly proud of the display and are looking forward to seeing lots of visitors in the coming weeks!”

View It Yourself!

Whether or not you have begun to adapt to the “new normal”, James’ installation is available to view on Dean Street up until August later this year, giving you plenty of time to experience the significance of the inflated display with your own eyes! See more, here.


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