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A Gesture of Love from Costa Coffee

The start of a new year brings opportunities. Chances to be kind, to show your love for the people and places around you, to set your heart racing. We teamed up with the glorious Costa Coffee to create 12 giant Costa Coffee hearts and plan them in well-known locations.

Some of these heart-shaped wonders were helium-filled, left to bounce in the chilly winds of the winter season while passers-by wandered past. Others were secured to the ground so that there was a good mix of opportunities to spot one of these inflatables no matter what your situational awareness is like.

You may have seen one of our helium Costa hearts in London, while one of our grounded giant hearts was gently positioned in Liverpool.

Costa inflatable at Liverpool

Coffee on Costa

Costa Coffee’s campaign announced the slogan “Here to set your heart racing”, followed by a little bit of information about how new Costa Club members could get themselves a free coffee on Costa. The quickest way to access this freebie was to scan the cleverly designed QR code that appeared on Costa’s own latte-art signboards.

There are plenty of other great reasons to sign up to Costa Club, including free cake on your birthday, but the extra coffee, while the weather is so chilly, is something that any coffee lover is sure to welcome.

Our inflatable hearts were designed to bring the public over to see what all the hubbub was about and who doesn’t love a city with a giant heart at its centre? It might be cold outside, but Costa’s hearts were warm (though the balloons were actually a bit cold, too!).

Giant inflatables for your brand

At Megaflatables, we want more brands to share the love they have for their consumers. Partnering with Costa Coffee to share the love during the coldest days of winter was something that we are very proud to have been involved in.

We offer all of our clients a design service for bespoke inflatables that ensures they will obtain a detailed and high-quality inflatable from us to display at their establishment, during events, or in public. Marketing your brand with giant inflatables is a sure-fire way to get the attention of the public. People love taking selfies on their phones, and who wouldn’t want a selfie with a huge inflatable?

Custom Costa promotional inflatable

Hire our inflatables

If you aren’t quite ready to have your own giant inflatable or would prefer to hire from us here at Megaflatables, we have plenty of to-hire inflatable options that we’re sure would suit your needs. From picture-perfect inflatables for photoshoots and parties to giant animals and characters that will make your business event stand out.

Our giant inflatables for hire may not be customisable like the ones we would work with you to design if you chose to go down that route, but they are excellent balloons if you want something unbranded and plain that will still wow your guests or clientele.

Get in touch with our Megaflatables team today to discuss your brand’s inflatable needs or the kind of huge balloons you want at your next event.

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