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Helping You Find the Joy Within

As a brand that specialises in creating high-quality and custom-made giant inflatables for events, advertising, and marketing purposes, we are always delighted to work on campaigns and projects from other companies. This time, we joined forces with Liberty London to create a unique set of sphere-shaped inflatables that would help the brand promote its “Find Joy Within” campaign.

The campaign aimed to help combat the January blues and encourage people to find joy in their lives. Liberty London wanted to inspire their customers to take care of themselves and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, no matter how small. Our smiley face spheres fit perfectly into this concept, following their existing smiley face graphics that had already been posted around their stores and website.

Inflatable spheres for Liberty London


The Design and Creation of the Inflatables

The inflatable spheres were designed to be unique, colourful, and eye-catching. They were created using Liberty London’s beautiful fabrics as inspiration, featuring vibrant patterns and colours that matched the brand’s style. The smiley face on the spheres was designed to spread joy and happiness, which is the main goal of the campaign.

The inflatables were designed with durability and quality in mind. They were made using high-quality materials, which ensured they were long-lasting, robust, and able to withstand the rigours of the promotion. Megaflatables also made sure that the inflatables were easy to set up, transport, and store, making them ideal for different events and occasions.

You can see that Liberty London has our smiley spheres bouncing around in some media that they’ve shared. It’s a sight that is sure to make any passer-by smile, and it sends a clear message about the quality of our inflatables. They’re tough, and they can be handled without anyone worrying about breaking them.

The Benefits of the Collaboration

The collaboration between Megaflatables and Liberty London provided a unique and fun way to promote the brand’s “Find Joy Within” campaign. The inflatable spheres attracted attention and created a buzz around the brand when the campaign was explained or interested parties read about the campaign online. Liberty London decided to make a move during the chill of January and encourage people to take a moment to relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

The promotional inflatables also provided a great photo opportunity, allowing people to take fun and creative pictures with our charming spheres. These images and videos helped spread the word about the campaign and create a sense of excitement and positivity around it.

The collaboration between Megaflatables and Liberty London was a great success. The inflatables that we created at Megaflatables were a perfect fit for Liberty London’s “Find Joy Within” campaign, and they helped to promote the message in a fun, creative, and memorable way. The inflatable spheres were a unique addition to the campaign and helped to spread joy and happiness among the people who saw them.

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