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A mirror ball that reflects the Truth -Megaflatables are proud to work with Photographer Max Vadukul

Using a Mirror ball to its true reflective self, is exactly what the talented photographer Max Vadukul captured in his latest exhibition. The Witness: Climate Change- The exhibition is a work of fine art and consists of some amazing and truly reflective images. Megaflatables were proud to be involved in this amazing project and to see a new reflective use of inflatable mirrored spheres 

 Here’s what Max had to say about the exhibition – “I love getting a challenging assignment. So, when Che Kurrien (EIC OF GQ INDIA) asked me to photograph.  a conceptual story about the planet’s environmental plight for GQ India’s 10th anniversary issue,  I was all ears. The first thing you will notice in these interpretive pictures is a big shiny metallic ball (we had it built just for the shoot). This silent monolithic object appears in each image: floating above toxic landfills, hovering about fields of garbage, flying amid bustling and polluting traffic.” 


The endless uses for mirrored spheres 

There really are no limitations when it comes to the use of mirror balls, if you are looking to bring some glitz and glam to a VIP event, or maybe you are looking for a dazzling work of art to make a window display stand out. Then mirror balls are your answer. Hung from the ceiling or placed on the ground – promotional inflatable balls offer a retro, glistening display or backdrop. Here at Megaflatables we can create mirrored spheres exactly to how you require them, we also have an event management team that will work with you to install the inflatables when and where you need them.  


Experts in creating Inflatable art  

Here at Megaflatables we have worked with some amazing artists and photographers which never fail to amaze us with there ideas and conceptions on Inflatable Art. Creating inflatable art is  where we get to have fun, bringing our clients  wackiest and most wonderful designs  to life with our giant inflatables. If you’re interested with working with us or finding out more about some of the exciting campaign’s we have worked on, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team are more than happy to help with your enquiry and talk you through the step-by-step process on how to get started. Contact us directly on 01245 421056 or email today! 


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