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Working with E.L.F Cosmetics on creating the Jelly pop up inflatable building at Covent Garden

Experience the Buzz with Megaflatables’ Creations

Step into the vibrant world of the E.L.F Jelly Pop-Up event in Covent Garden, where the air was filled with excitement and the streets buzzed with energy. This memorable Inflatable building was brought to life with the help of Megaflatables, a team dedicated to turning creative visions into reality through their stunning inflatable designs.

The Inflatable Building: Bringing  E.L.F’s Jelly pop up to Life

Amid the bustling scenery of Covent Garden, the centrepiece of the event was the eye-catching inflatable building. Designed to reflect the essence of E.L.F’s new Jelly Pop Collection, this inflatable was crafted from shiny PVC material, giving it a glossy, jelly-like appearance. The design team at Megaflatables ensured that the colours perfectly matched the exact Pantone shades of the Jelly Pop products, making the building a perfect embodiment of the brand.

Giant Inflatable Product Replicas

The spectacle didn’t end with just the building. To make the product launch even more unforgettable, Megaflatables created three giant inflatable replicas of key products from the Jelly Pop Collection. Attendees marvelled at the inflatable product replicas of the Jelly Pop Dew Primer, Jelly Pop Glow Reviver Lip Oil, and Jelly Pop Glow Stick. These inflatables not only drew attention but also provided  photo opportunities  that made the product launch truly pop.

The Creative Process

Creating these inflatables was a journey that began with the talented in-house design team at Megaflatables. They took the initial concepts and meticulously transformed them into detailed inflatable designs. The use of high-quality, shiny PVC material and precise colour matching ensured that the inflatables were as vibrant and appealing as the actual products.

Make Your Product Launch Unforgettable

If you’re looking to make your next product launch stand out, consider the impact of inflatable advertising. With Megaflatables, your promotional ideas can be brought to larger-than-life dimensions, capturing attention and creating memorable experiences. Contact Megaflatables today at 01245 421 056 to learn more about how they can help you elevate your brand.

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