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Megaflatables work in partnership with The Rome New Year’s Parade

Every year on January 1st, St. Peter’s Square in Rome becomes a spectacle of pageantry and music. Tens of thousands gather in this iconic location to celebrate the advent of the New Year and receive the Pope’s blessing. This event is not just the highlight of Rome’s holiday season but also marks the World Day of Peace. The Rome New Year’s Parade, with its grandeur and cultural diversity, aims to foster a spirit of international goodwill and celebrate life.

The parade takes place along the grand Via della Conciliazione, culminating in St. Peter’s Square. It is a sight to behold, with enthusiastic spectators joining the bands, expressing their joy and appreciation through whistles and waves.

Megaflatables: Your One-Stop-Shop for All Things Parade Inflatables!

Megaflatables, for another year running is proud to be part of this spectacular parade. For another year running, we had the privilege of creating parade inflatables and event managing some of the most eye-catching elements of the parade – the giant inflatable spheres. These spheres, in their grandeur and vibrancy, added another layer to the spectacle, making it even more memorable for the attendees.

The Bespoke inflatable design of the spheres incorporated the recognizable colours and branding of the Rome New Year logo, making the event more distinguishable. The vibrant colours of the spheres echoed the joyous atmosphere of the parade, their gentle bobbing and weaving adding a playful element to the celebrations.

Choosing the Ideal Inflatable for Your Next Parade with Megaflatables

At Megaflatables, we are always immensely proud to contribute to the success of the Rome New Year’s Parade. If you have a Parade coming up leave the Design and Event Management to us! Sit back and relax while our team works their magic, from design to event management. Megaflatables is your one-stop-shop for impressive parade inflatables and expert management. Let us bring your exciting concepts to life. Get in touch with us today and share your ideas.


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