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inflatable stop sign custom Inflatable

Stoptober Custom Inflatable Sign

Are you part of the Stoptober challenge this year?

Megaflatables are proud to be associated with the NHS,  Stoptober and everyone who is part of the 28 day challange.

Every year we make different sized inflatables with the key message STOP.

They are inflated with a second skin around them, so the message can be changed each year

Giant stoptober inflatable sign

Giant stoptober inflatable sign

Megaflatables fully support the campaign and we are not alone 🙂

‘Let’s start now. I mean stop. You know what I mean. Just stop.’ Paddy McGuinness

‘When it comes to stopping smoking the only thing stopping you stopping is the fact that you can’t stop, so stop stopping yourself stopping and stop.’ The Pub Landlord

‘I gave up smoking cos it’s really bad for your kids’ health to smoke with them in the back of the car. So when I quit the ciggies it felt great to be able to drive the kids around without ‘em on the roof rack.’ Lee Nelson

‘Don’t think about what you’re giving up. Think about what you’ll gain. Money, sparkling teeth, better sex. Your life will be like every hip hop video EVER MADE!’

Andi Osho

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