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Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer during Difficult Times

Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer during Difficult Times

Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer during Difficult Times

2020 was a challenging time for the majority of us, with many obstacles faced on the way. Now more than ever, we need to be supporting each other and our local communities as the smallest gestures can go a long way to cheer up people’s days. Throughout the Christmas period, we had a think about what we could do as a company to spread a bit of Christmas cheer in line with all of the government rules. With many people feeling disheartened over the tightening restrictions which prevented them from seeing their loves ones and cancelled those exciting Christmas events we’d been looking forward to, we did our best to make the most of a bad situation.

Unmissable Christmas Inflatables

We managed to pull together a whole range of ginormous Christmas inflatables which are definitely hard to miss – social distancing wasn’t getting in the way of this one! Our new festive giant inflatables were sent out for people to use for a whole variety of events that were still able to take place, lifting the atmosphere and dressing the locations in a Covid friendly manner.

Christmas snowman inflatable

With the strict restrictions in place, the events that were thankfully not cancelled had to quickly adapt to make their site as secure as can be to protect both their customers and staff members. We saw a huge growth in the number of drive in events which was great to see, allowing households to get out and about to enjoy some festive fun with no risk the health of themselves and other attendees.

Some amazing setups were created across the East of England and it was great to be a part of them. We saw innovative companies creating drive in cinemas, drive through light shows and even drive in pantomimes for people to enjoy. Although this concept was new to most of us, we hope to see it stick around as it was a great novelty and led to an enjoyable day out for those of all ages. With visitors not able to leave their vehicles, any Christmas decorations and screens had to be scaled up massively to be visible from afar. There’s no such thing as too big for Megaflatables so we were more than happy to help by offering our new festive friends.

inflatable penguin

Our personal favourite has got to be the 7 metre tall Santa Claus; stood next to the stage at the drive in Panto, he sure knew how to catch the eye. As well as being a big hit for the Children, we are pleased to know that our giant inflatables spread some Christmas cheer for hundreds of adults too. It was great to work with some great companies who like us, were determined not to let Covid get the better of us and make what we could out of the run up to Christmas.

We’re always on the hunt for new ways to get involved and bring smiles upon people’s faces during such tricky times, if you think you know just the place that can benefit from some large scale fun, do not hesitate to get in touch today!

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