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Percy Pig Turns 30 & Here’s How Megaflatables Helped Celebrate

Percy Pig reached the PIG 3-0 this year – can you believe it? Starting off as a humble sweet back in 1992, he’s now one of M&S’s most famous and iconic brands.

In fact, the well-known UK store sells more than 400 million individual Percy Pig™ sweets every year – that’s more than 20 million bags, with 38 bags sold every minute.

Over the years, Percy Pig has grown to become a household favourite. Expanding across multiple products, resulting in more than 50 current Percy Pig™ items listed on the M&S website including pyjamas bedding, bath fizzers and sweet bouquets.

Sweets are still a big hit with 12 types of Percy Pig™ sweets in the range, from multiflavoured Party Time Percy to Percy and Penny and Percy Pigs and Pals, and that doesn’t include his new limited-edition birthday sweets either.

Megaflatable’s Help with Percy’s Birthday Celebrations

Percy Pig’s official birthday is July 23rd, sharing his birthday with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, and Hunger Games star, Woody Harrelson.

In a lead up to his big day, the retailer shared a list of everything the loveable pig wanted to do before his latest milestone, with the hashtag #Percys30before30.

Megaflatables had the pleasure of creating a giant replica of Percy Pig to help M&S celebrate this big milestone! Cute, pink, and loved by everyone, Percy Pig has been delighting Marks & Spencer shoppers for 30 years, so it was only right we created a showstopper replica!

More About Our Inflatable Giant Replicas

Inflatable product replicas make your brand really stand out at special events.  Whether you need an inflatable can, inflatable bottle, inflatable product, or any inflatable shape, we can make it for you.

We can produce a cold air inflatable product replica from 4ft to 30ft high or as large as you want. Imagine your product towering above the competition at your event or to compliment smaller give away samples, ideal to remember your product or event. Our expert staff will guide you through designing the perfect inflatable to represent your brand. If you really want to go large and launch an aerial advertising campaign, you can check out our inflatable blimps for a unique angle on your next promotion.

Here at Megaflatables, we have been making inflatable replicas in the UK for years and know just how popular they are promotional events like Percy Pig’s 30th Birthday.

Work with Megaflatables for Your Next Event

If you’re looking for the fun factor to attract a giant crowd to your business or next event, then you can be assured you won’t go unnoticed with the support of Megaflatables giant inflatables! Big-name brands continually trust our custom-made giant inflatables to draw the crowds and make an impression. We get to design and create unique inflatable shapes, in a range of sizes and styles. Previously, we have designed and manufactured inflatable cars, inflatable packaging, inflatable phones, inflatable tools, inflatable animals and so much more! If you can think it, we can make it!

If you need a bespoke inflatable for your next event, don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss your enquiry. Please feel free to contact us directly on 01245 373886 or email and our design team will talk you though your initial idea, step by step and turn it into a reality you can be proud of.

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