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Megaflatables work with Chelmsford for you to bring the Heart of Pride to Chelmsford town centre

Here at Megaflatables we have been busy designing, creating, and installing the giant inflatable pride hearts across the city centre of Chelmsford. The hearts for pride trail are in support and celebration of pride month organised by Chelmsford for you.

We created and installed a total of 11 Giant inflatable hearts, one for each colour represented on the pride progress Flag. Each colour of the Pride Progress flag stands for an important value of the LGBTQIA+ community. The purpose of the trail is to track down each heart, scan the QR code and learn the different meaning behind the colour of the Pride progress flag.

Some of the giant hearts can be spotted in window fronts of some of the biggest leading brands in the high street such as John Lewis and Marks and spencer’s as well as Chelmsford’s biggest shopping centre. Giant Inflatables are a great way of bringing communities together and promoting businesses and campaigns in the largest way possible. If you have a larger-than-life advertising or campaign idea, then our design and events team can bring your custom inflatable idea to life.

Alternatively, if you are planning a one-off campaign and feel hiring an inflatable might be better suited to you. Please look at our giant inflatables for hire, all though our for-hire inflatables are not always bespoke we do have a large range to suit all types of advertising campaigns and events. Just let us know the details of your event, and we’ll see what we can do.

For more information, call us on 01245 421056 or e-mail us at



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