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Megaflatables work with Maynards

Megaflatables partners with Maynards for their #Ispymaynards campaign

The expert team at Megaflatables had a sweet experience when we partnered with Maynards Bassetts to support the great British Summer road trip with a nationwide game of I-spy. Our incredible team designed and created 4 giant inflatable sweets which were hidden up and down the country ready for kids and adults alike to spy along the roadside.

Megaflatables work with Maynards

We were able to create 20ft Maynards Bassetts Jelly Babies and Round Sherry and Port Wine Gums which looked identical to the real thing. This creative marketing campaign was also event managed by our team, in an effort to showcase Maynards Bassetts as the perfect accompaniment to any road trip whether short or long.

I-Spy is a popular game played amongst families and friends, so spotting some of these exciting giant inflatable sweets really were an exciting addition. Because, quite frankly, who doesn’t want to find a Wine Gum as big as a truck?

Partnering with Absolute Radio to run the campaign during the first week of the school holidays, the breakfast show hosts played a game of I-spy to give listeners a chance to win a huge prize. The audience was encouraged to either guess the location that was being described within a series of clues given by the hosts, or if they actually found our giant inflatable sweets in real life, name the location to be in with a chance of winning. Social media campaigns were also run, in support of the event.

Speaking about the campaign, Anna Ulrich, brand manager at Maynards Bassetts, said: “Our goal for this summer was to continue evolving our Set the Juice Loose campaign by adding an activation element to it. We are engaging with our consumers by inviting them to take part in a popular car game, I Spy. Whether you are going on a road trip with your family or a shorter journey, Maynards Bassetts sweets are the perfect travel companion, so we wanted to celebrate this perfect pairing.”

Megaflatables work with Maynards

We are proud to have been able to bring our creativity and outstanding event management to the table to support the #Ispymaynards campaign. We had lots of fun partnering with Maynards Bassetts on delivering a juicy-looking design to bring their campaign to life. Take a look at our social media pages for more images and videos of the giant inflatable sweets.

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