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Inflatable character heads

Megaflatables Create 6 Metre Helium-Filled Cartoon Characters of Mo Salah & Vivianne Miedema for Adidas.

Being immortalised in inflatable form is an honour for anyone, so when we were asked to help create giant inflatable heads of two famous football stars, we couldn’t wait to get started. Egypt and Liverpool legend Mohamed Salah and Dutch international and Arsenal WFC forward Vivianne Miedema both had their likenesses in our capable hands, so we knew we had to be at the top of our game to create 6 metre high versions of both players – well, just the heads.

However, this wasn’t a photo-realistic assignment and instead needed to be cartoon versions of both players. The eagle-eyed among you will notice a familiar character design based on a recent animated short film that both players appeared in. Yes, the one and only Rick and Morty featured both Mo and Vivianne in cartoon form as part of an Adidas x Rick and Morty campaign, celebrating the launch of Adidas X Speedportal boots. The likeness is uncanny, and we certainly enjoyed designing and creating them.

 Inflatable Heads? Just a Normal Day at Megaflatables…

The idea was to create giant floating heads of both Salah and Miedema based on the Rick and Morty short film, to be used as part of the campaign for the launch of the new football boots that will see them placed in locations across London, with one being Market Road pitches in Camden. So, immediately we put our giant inflatables knowledge and skills to work and created the designs. As you can see from the photos, they are impressive if we do say so ourselves, and we’re sure both players are happy with the results!

As experts in helium inflatables, and as the brief required both heads to be able to float above the pitches in an intimidating fashion, we designed the 6 metre tall heads to easily be attached by weight so they would stay in position throughout the day and could be easily transported to different locations. Whilst in Camden, the campaign challenged players from across the capital to visit and show off their speed skills under the watch of our floating heads. As an additional feature, the heads would announce “I like what you got!” in encouragement, with the winner receiving a pair of the new boots themselves.

All in all, it was a great project to work on and we look forward to immortalising other sports stars’ heads in future.

Mo Sallah Inflatable


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