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Charlotte tilbury inflatable advertising Pillow talk

Megaflatables adds a Mega touch to the exciting launch of Charlotte Tilbury’s Plumpgasm Pillow Talk

Here at Megaflatables, we specialize in creating memorable advertising inflatables that truly make a statement. When we were approached to work on the launch of Charlotte Tilbury’s Plumpgasm Pillow Talk, we were absolutely thrilled. This project allowed us to showcase our creativity and expertise in bringing products to inflatable life in a fun and eye-catching way.

For the launch of Charlotte Tilbury’s Plumpgasm Pillow Talk, we designed a larger-than-life inflatable version that captured the essence of the product in a playful and engaging manner. The vibrant colours and unique design of the inflatable instantly caught the attention of passers-by and created a buzz around the launch event. The pop up product launch was displayed at Covent Garden in London initially. Then later went on tour to other popular locations in Liverpool and Manchester.

At Megaflatables, we have a passion for crafting oversized inflatable replicas of various products. We are dedicated to transforming products into giant inflatable versions that  resemble the original items. Our design team collaborated closely with our clients to produce massive replicas of the Pillow Talk Plumpgasm product, ensuring that each hue perfectly matched the renowned shades of  the Charlotte Tilbury product.

Giant Inflatable Charlotte tilbury advertisement

The Benefits  Of Inflatable Advertising

The use of giant inflatable replicas can make a huge impact on customers, making the brand or product more memorable.

In the case of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk, the inflatable replicas helped to create a memorable experience for the audience, associating the brand with a larger-than-life version of the product. Not only did the giant inflatable product replica create a buzz around Covent garden but the inflatables also created a photo opportunity  gaining more attraction on social media. One of the many benefits with Inflatable advertising is how versatile it is, Each inflatable can be used again and again.

Inflatable advertising, when done right, can be a powerful tool for promoting a brand or product. The launch of Charlotte Tilbury’s Plumpgasm Pillow Talk, which used giant inflatables created by Megaflatables, is a testament to the effectiveness of this marketing strategy.

If you’re planning to launch a new product and looking for a creative way to do so, inflatables could be the answer you’re looking for. They provide a visual representation of the product, making it tangible and real for the audience.

Remember, the key to successful advertising is to make your brand or product memorable and inflatables can help you achieve just that. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today , and let’s turn your ideas into inflatable reality!

Giant inflatable advertising at covent garden

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