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Giant Inflatables For Your Event Or Business Opening: What To Choose 

Planning to re-open your business in the coming days, weeks or month? We can help! We’re prepared to help businesses get their event schedule back on track with flexible inflatables that can be designed to support business needs. Designed and manufactured in-house, we ensure precise, premium-quality giant inflatables.

Here at Megaflatables, we offer three durable options for you to choose from including Ground-Based Giant Inflatables, Roof Topper Giant Inflatables and Giant Aerial Inflatables. You can learn more about each of our available options, below.

Ground-Based Giant Inflatables

Our ground-based giant inflatables provide the perfect excuse to add something a little different to your event or exhibition, providing your space with something colourful that stands out from the crowd – not to mention its size!

Our ground-based giant inflatables are usually made from nylon or PVC to provide a cost-effective solution to your event. These synthetic materials also enhance the sturdiness of our inflatables, increasing environmental resistance.

Giant inflatable rhino

Like our roof topper giant inflatables, our ground-based giant inflatables are also inflated by a constant fan and are pantone-specific digitally printed, providing our customers with ultimate flexibility in terms of design.

Roof Topper Giant Inflatables

Our Roof Topper Giant Inflatables are another top seller here at Megaflatables, enabling businesses to design different shapes and structures that suit their aesthetic of their brand. They are the perfect solution for those seeking to attract a wider audience at an open-air event or one that’s simply in need of something unique.

Just like our ground-based giant inflatables, our roof topper giant inflatables are also inflated by a constant fan, making it easy to inflate and deflate the inflatable at any given time. This type of inflatable is also pantone-specific digitally printed for the best results.

Giant Aerial Inflatables

Our giant aerial inflatables are a little different to our ground-based giant inflatables and roof topper giant inflatables, but still boast the same qualities and purpose. Unlike our ground-based giant inflatables and roof topper giant inflatables, our giant aerial inflatables are usually made of PVC or TPU, a type of polyurethane plastic.

Our giant aerial inflatables can also be pantone-specific digitally printed or made with digitally wrapped nylon. They are also helium-filled instead of being inflated by a constant fan, meaning that our giant aerial inflatables are easy to inflate when ready to be used.

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Our ground-based inflatables, roof topper inflatables and aerial inflatables are all a part of our giant inflatables collection, helping you to attract an even bigger crowd to your business or upcoming event.

For more information, get in touch with a member of our friendly, expert team on 01245 421056, today.

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