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Boris Johnson Biden Inflatable

G7 Summit: Giant Inflatables Steal The Show

The event hosted in Falmouth, Cornwall, saw the numerous leaders discuss these issues in detail, but whether they are doing enough at this stage is a different question. Stealing the show at the G7 Summit wasn’t any of the heartfelt speeches that were heard, nor was it our Prime Minister meeting President Joe Biden for the first time. Instead, the focus diverted to a pair of caricatured doppelgangers of the pair, with Megaflatables giant inflatables stealing the show. These promotional inflatables saw Johnson and Biden blown out of proportion, side by side, with the hash tags #crackthecrisis and #waveofhope written boldly across both of their respective hands.

The larger than life inflatable pair were spotted dressed in suit jackets, accompanied by shorts featuring their nation’s flags underneath. In response to the G7 summit, Kirsty McNeill, Executive Director of Policy and Campaigns at Save the Children and spokesperson for the Crack the Crises coalition, said:


“This summit took place while the pandemic is still raging but you wouldn’t know from the agreement that we are facing a series of interlocking emergencies. Since the G7 last met 2 years ago, children’s lives have been turned upside down by Covid-19”

Boris Johnson Biden Inflatable

Giant Inflatables Take To The Wave Of Hope


The giant  inflatables of the two world leaders promoted a very clear-cut idea, one of hope that the world can come together equally and solve the most current major issue we are facing, COVID-19. Along with the Charity Wave Of Hope, the message of much needed change was displayed at the event.

It is said that rich countries at this year’s G7 summit will need to spend an average of 60p a week per citizen, in order to assist and help to supply the poorest nations in the world with COVID-19 vaccines, as was revealed by analysis from Save The Children. If this target is not met, failure to back the global vaccination drive is likely to cost these same poorer economies thirty-five times the required investment!

The bespoke inflatable shapes were certainly a talking point, and hopefully seeing these public figures scaled up will have caught the attention of not only the public, but those in charge, and inspire big change. The official figures suggest that the pandemic has so far taken a huge 3 million lives, although accurate figures are likely to be far higher. The morning of the summit was fairly cloudy, but the message could be clearly seen. Events that use giant inflatables can act as a talking point, can be seen from afar, and no matter how serious the issue, they have the ability to incorporate a meaningful message into a creative, bespoke design.

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