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For Wesson…. Someone that loves inflatables just as much as we do

Back in lockdown 2021 we were delighted to hear from a 9-year-old boy named Wesson who as described by his dad is obsessed with inflatables. Wesson even routinely inflates a Christmas inflatable we sent him every day before school, he absolutely loves the process of inflating and deflating as well as storing the inflatable meticulously.

We have to say, who can blame him 😊

When Wesson’s dad contacted us to tell us all about Wesson’s love for inflatables and how he has been saving up to buy his very own Air dancer, we just knew we had to help him with this.

So after finding out the type he wanted, we gifted Wesson his very own Air dancer which in return Wesson kindly insisted on donating his savings to one of our main partnered charities, Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Since then, we have kept regular contact with Wesson, where he updates us on how the Air dancer is doing along with any events he has taken the Air dancer to. Thank you very much Wesson for taking such good care of the “tube guy”!!

We hope to work with you on other projects in the future.


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