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Large inflatable letters

Creating Giant Inflatable Letters for the Campaign Big Awards

Big Inflatable letters

It’s no secret that here at Megaflatables, are experts in creating BIG inflatables. Our recent project involved the creation of giant inflatable letters for the esteemed Campaign Big Awards. This was a project that was right up our alley, and we are proud to say that our creations added a striking visual element to the event, serving as an amazing backdrop on the stage that made the prestigious event even more photo-worthy.

The Campaign Big Awards

The Campaign Big Awards is a prestigious annual event that stands as a beacon, celebrating the remarkable achievements and ground-breaking campaigns within the realm of advertising, marketing, and communication. With a legacy that spans years of recognising industry trailblazers, the Awards offer a portal into a world where the boldest ideas, the most daring strategies, and the brightest talents are honoured.

Why Giant Inflatable Letters?

Inflatables are one of the most effective forms of advertising. They not only make your brand or event stand out but are also social media gold, creating more photo opportunities for your customers or attendees to get your brand more noticed. The giant inflatable letters we created for the Campaign Big Awards served this purpose wonderfully. They were a giant inflatable replica of the brand’s logo, simple in design yet incredibly effective in catching attention.

Giant inflatable letters

The Design Process at Megaflatables

The design process here at Megaflatables is simple yet effective. In the case of the giant inflatable letters for the Campaign Big Awards, all we needed were the ideas, logos, or Pantone colours provided by the client. Our talented design team took it from there, transforming the given ideas into a tangible and impressive inflatable reality. It’s all about creating something that not only represents the brand but also adds a unique visual element to the event or marketing campaign.

Contact Megaflatables Today

If you’re curious about what inflatables can do for your event or advertising campaign, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Megaflatables today to discuss your ideas and explore the possibilities that inflatable product replicas can bring to your event. You can also browse some of our standard giant inflatables on our website to get an idea of what we could put together for you!

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