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Best Ways To Promote Your Event Or New Product Launch

The pandemic has been a challenge for many of us over the last year but with light at the end of the tunnel in the form of vaccines and the gradual return to organised events outdoors, now is the time to up your marketing as much as possible. To help you out, we are going to be looking at how you can use inflatable promotional items to help you promote your event or product launch.

Make The Most Of Air Dancers

Though there are several inflatables that you can use to market a business, event or launch, there are none quite as fun as air dancers. With several different colours to choose from as well as varying heights, they are the perfect addition to any event even when placed at the front gate. Air dancers can be completely customised with a brand name or message and make for the perfect inflatable promotional products to capture the eye and get people interested. Whether it be a small-scale event such as a local football game or a much larger event such as a school fundraiser, these are the perfect fun addition that is sure to capture the attention of your audience. Or for more specific inflatables for food and drink we offer our services as well or for customised orders you can contact our design team.

Unmissable Marketing With Inflatable Promotional Items

In addition to making sure you are utilising social media, there is a huge marketing opportunity when it comes to the use of inflatable promotional items. Whether this is a tunnel at a local sporting event or beach inflatables for the ultimate summer product launch, there are several fun and creative ways that you can use inflatable promotional products to promote an event.

Not only is this a great talking point for all those that see it, but due to the sheer size of the inflatable promotional items on offer, you are likely to have more people looking at the items that you are generating, this will in turn create word of mouth and help market your event to others.

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Make Use Of Giant Inflatables

Everyone loves to market their brand in new and creative ways, so why not make a splash with giant inflatables. With the option for inflatable arches, giant animals and inflatable blimps, these can be used in conjunction with other inflatable promotional products to make the most out of your advertising and capture the attention of your audience. Should you be launching a product you can also create the perfect custom inflatable product to suit the launch. We will help you to create an inflatable replica of the product to help you make the launch like one you have never seen before. With a choice of different sizes and the ability to print branding and another logo, we are sure that this will certainly draw in a crowd.

For more information on how the team can help you to promote your event, get in touch with us on 01245 421056 today!

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