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Battersea Tube Opening: Underground Giant Inflatable Flies High

With work on the new two-mile railway extension beginning in 2015, Crossrail project is finally complete. Two new stations have opened within this Northern Line extension. Although it is 3 years late and has cost billions of pounds more than the anticipated budget, Londoners are generally glad for the added convenience of the new stations. The new stations in question are Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms, giving added accessibility to commuters city-wide.  This new tube station was built to an extremely high specification, with the widest tunnels anywhere on the tube network.  The new Battersea branch hopes to enhance capacity on the Northern Line.

Pink Floyd’s Pig: Promotional Inflatables with Added Nostalgia

To celebrate the opening of the new station, we at Megaflatables were able to provide Battersea Power Station’s tube line opening with a little blast from the past. Reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s giant inflatable pig on their album animals, we took a different approach, rather than providing one of our very own inflatable animals. Installed in the exact same location as the icon album cover, Megaflatables were able to provide a promotional inflatable for the occasion. This giant inflatable replica was that of the London Underground sign, flying tall for all to see. As iconic as the city of London itself, this flying 8m tall giant inflatable allowed for a grand opening for the new tube station at Battersea Power Station. With a giant Underground inflatable soaring high over the ground, it was a truly special moment for the city of London. Special projects such as this are not only a magnificent thing to behold when walking by the new station, but also a great example of how you can nod to the past, using outdoor spaces rich in its British pop culture history.

Giant Inflatables For Any Event

Whether you are a small business looking to elevate their status with a flying inflatable, or a corporation with a cause looking to get noticed in one way or another, we at Megaflatables can help you get the recognition you deserve. See our huge range of custom-made giant inflatables that we have to offer and see how we can help promote your brand.

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