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Working With Inspiring Artist Jason Wilsher-Mills On Creating Inflatable Art Sculptures

At Megaflatables, we take great joy in collaborating with skilled artists to craft inflatable sculptures showcased globally.

One of the exceptional Artists we love working with is the inspiring disabled Artist Jason Wilsher-Mills. Jason designs large interactive sculptures, Light box paintings & AR experiences which all detail his life as a disabled person.

The Deeper Meanings Behind Inflatable Art

Jason’s life as a disabled person has greatly influenced his art. His unique approach to art, combined with his use of bold colours and intricate detailing, tells accessible and engaging stories. Making his art not only visually striking but also thought-provoking.

Over the years we have worked with Jason to craft captivating Inflatable Art in various shapes and sizes. One of the largest creations being a 9-meter inflatable tunnel, which is  currently on display at the balloon museum in London. The inflatable sculptures have been showcased at notable events and museums, including the Commonwealth Games, Welcome Collection, and Ferens Art Gallery.

large inflatable sculpture in a museum

The Role of LED Lighting in Inflatable Art

The giant inflatable tunnel that is currently exhibited in the balloon museum , like many of Jason’s creations, features LED lighting inside that enhances the artwork even further. At Megaflatables, all our inflatables can be customized with LED lighting. If you’re seeking inspiration for LED inflatables, check out our glowing inflatables.

Our design team will turn your ideas into inflatable creations.

Jason is best known for his detailing and mesmerizing designs which makes Megaflatables the ideal collaborator for crafting intricate inflatable sculptures. Our design team tirelessly replicates and transforms Jason’s remarkable artwork into inflatable masterpieces.

We enjoy collaborating with artists and transforming inflatable concepts into reality, as reflected in our motto: “If you can think it, we can make it.” Our team possesses expertise and experience in the inflatable manufacturing industry. We can bring your artistic visions to life in a manner that captivates attention, ignites conversations, and leaves a memorable impact. If you are seeking a creative partner to help bring your extraordinary ideas to life, reach out to Megaflatables at 01245 421056. We are excited to learn about your concepts and assist you in turning them into inflatable masterpieces!

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