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TOP 5 Incredible Benefits of Inflatables at Festivals

First impressions count, especially at festivals. One of the most interesting ways to take your festival to the next level, both visually and creatively, is to get some inflatables.

Here at Megaflatables, we are market-leaders in inflatable advertising and marketing; we blend your idea with our creative flair and trademark quality to create inflatable advertising for any event. The result is your very own unique, custom advertising inflatable design that is ready to wow the crowd and get you noticed!

We manufacture and design in-house, paying meticulous attention to artwork and quality, whilst meeting your budget and needs. For ultra-precision, we allow you to select colours from Pantone charts to ensure your inflatable suits your brand perfectly, ideal for inflatable product replicas and smaller inflatables, too! Our customers say you can see and feel the difference in a Megaflatables design.

Below we discuss some of the main benefits of using inflatables at festivals.

1. Creating a ‘Wow’ Factor

Every brand and company involved in festivals want to create the most memorable event. Whether you are planning a festival or simply trading at one, inflatables are a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Whether it be a giant inflatable dome with modern and contemporary structures to house hundreds of festival goers, kitted out with LED light systems; or if you want air dancers to grab the attention of guests, inflatables at festivals are eye-catching and innovative, making a great talking point for attendees.

2. Repeat Use of Inflatables at Festivals

When hosting or marketing at festivals, traditional methods can be attractive for business owners. However, most can only be used one time. For example, billboards have their benefits but once you take them down, they are no longer useful, meaning you must create an entirely new piece for a more advantageous location. Providing you maintain and care for your inflatable well, it will provide you with years of repeated use for all kinds of events, such as festivals.

3. Increased Visibility & Signage

For large events such as festivals, it becomes hard to navigate around in amongst the crowds. Maps and guides are great, but not always practical when dealing with large numbers of people. You can use inflatable domes and structures with LED lighting systems to create easy-to-spot points to navigate to for attendees. For example, different domes could host different music artists at festivals. Indeed, inflatable buildings are highly versatile; from lightweight nylon and custom designs through to long term art installations – at Megaflatables, we can make anything you’d like. Similarly, giant animal inflatables such as gorillas or another similar product will draw in the eyes of attendees and provide great reference points for orientation at big events.

4. Quick Set-Up

A one-day or weekend event such as a festival can end up having several days, or in some cases months, of prep work involved prior to starting. To keep costs down the obvious solution is to make the venue hire as short as possible. However, this isn’t easy to do. A lot of AV equipment, furniture and catering take time to install, ready for use. At Megaflatables, our smallest structures can be popped up in a matter of minutes, and even the largest in the range can be installed in a day.

5. Make Your Festival Memorable

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner and event organiser is make sure potential customers think about your company whenever the need for your goods or services presents itself. Incorporate your organisation’s colours into the inflatable’s design and pick something fun that’s memorable. By investing in one of these over-sized marketing devices and placing it in a prominent space, you stand a good chance of carving out a small piece of real estate in the minds of people in your festival community.


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